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Why AdSense rejecting my blog site?

by Chakrir Khobor

Your Blog Was Rejected From AdSense: Now What?

Why AdSense rejecting my blog site?; AdSense is the easiest, fastest way to make money from blogging, although it doesn’t pay much unless you have a lot of traffic. However, in order to prevent the ad network from going down completely, Google is cleaning up the sites it allows to use AdSense. Upon request, they will review your site for any possible violations of their terms of service. . Google is usually pretty bad at telling you WHY they rejected you, so it can seem like a hopeless situation.

Step 1: Keep Calm and Carry On

Many bloggers feel frustrated when they are rejected from ad networks like Google’s AdSense. Suddenly, their plans to monetize their blog no longer work. You have to find another way, fix an unknown problem, or slow down to make money.  you were trying to quit your job and make a living off your blog – or worse, you got fired and you’re using this as a last ditch effort – it can be painful.

Fortunately, you can also apply. You can fix any problem Google cares about, reapply, and hopefully be accepted a second time. However, one thing you should not do is reapply too soon. If you apply a second time immediately, you are not fixing anything, you are just wasting time.

Don’t panic, don’t give up, but don’t try to jump the gun. Like most things in web marketing and web marketing, getting your content right will take time.

Step 2

The first thing you need to do when you get rejected is find out exactly why. Google will send you an email with something vague, like “not enough content” or “content quality issues” and leave it up to you to figure out exactly what that means.

Your website doesn’t have enough content.

Related to being too small, a lean website doesn’t have the keywords, targeting, or traffic for AdSense to work on. If you have too little content, Google analysts won’t be able to identify exactly what your website is about.

This can be a problem on older, content-rich sites if that information is not in text form. Websites that use a lot of images such as infographics or photo galleries, and websites that use multimedia content such as videos or Flash content, will not rank well and will show that they do not have enough content . . . .

To solve this problem, you need to create new, high-quality content, but you also need to recycle or get rid of your old, bad content. You can make good use of old information, but you must do it correctly to avoid potential problems.

The content of your website violates terms of service. There are several

rules about the type of content you can have on your website.  your website is focused on a banned topic, unfortunately, you are out of luck. Nothing less than a complete content revamp will help, or you can create a completely new site.

What are the types of limitations? Google doesn’t allow AdSense for sites that contain pornography, adult content, violence, hate speech, login instructions, illegal drugs, alcohol sales, weapons sales and any’ wana and anything else that is illegal.

The content on your website violates copyright

. This includes using trademarks you don’t own, posting content you can do, offering content you don’t have the right to distribute – such as candid music or movies – and issues others of the fifth. Do not steal blog posts, send pirated software, sell counterfeit goods, and distribute stolen media.

Your site contains malware or signs that you have been hacked

. Google will review your entire site when you apply for AdSense. Sometimes, hackers will leave your site alone when they hijack your browser, and add pages you don’t see to use for their own malicious purposes.

Clear all hazardous material, whether intentional or anonymous, and feel free to reapply. I also recommend taking serious steps to protect your website presence, to prevent it from happening again.

You don’t have enough traffic.

All you need is enough organic traffic. If you don’t have enough organic traffic coming in, Google doesn’t expect to be able to make money from serving ads for you, so they drop you. Sometimes paid traffic is not safe to use with AdSense, either because of the quality of the traffic or because of how it can abuse ad code.

You don’t have a contact, privacy policy or terms of service page.

This is one of the easier issues to solve. Google requires you to have legal language on your website stating who you are and how to contact, which gives users assurance of their privacy while browsing your site.website, and sets to expectations of how users should behave and how you enforce violations

Your site design is terrible

. Websites that look like tables and iframes around 1996 count. Websites with broken scripts, pop-ups or pop-ups, and other types of annoying code are all important. The harder it is for users to find your site, the worse off you’ll be

Well, you don’t have a website. This is rare, but if you’re trying to monetize a website and apply, it’s best to make sure the website owner’s information matches that of the website.and the information you’re using in AdSense.

You are under the age of 18. Google, and indeed most online services, require you to be of legal age to use the service. 18 is the most attractive number in the world, but it does exist, so you need to be over 18 or find someone to fill in your details. That, or just lying about it. It’s not like Google is asking for your birth certificate.

You don’t operate your own website. This is the one that gets a lot of people nowadays, as it is a change from old habits. Today, you should use your domain name, such as www.example.com, instead of a subdomain. Websites like example.wordpress.com or example.blogspot.com will find it very difficult to apply for AdSense successfully. Mainly, this was due to the abuse of free hosting.


He uses ads from other networks. AdSense doesn’t want to compete with other ads. You can use other ads on your site before you sign up for AdSense, and if you uninstall AdSense you can use other ads, but you cannot use AdSense with other networks at the same time one . . . . Unfortunately, this means that when you apply to AdSense, you have to exclude other networks from the site.

You have outbound links or links to malicious sites. Bad links show that you belong nowhere. If you link to or get links from spam sites, it will hurt your SEO and put your AdSense registration at risk. Use a tool like Majestic to check your backlinks and links to your site, remove the bad ones, and discard the incoming links you can’t get rid of.

Your content is in an unsupported language. Google only supports about 36 languages ​​on AdSense sites. If your material is in a language not on this list, you will not be eligible unless they add your language to the list at the end.

You have more than one AdSense account. If rejected, you can close all but one of the accounts and indicate that you no longer use more than one. You should be able to log in afterwards.

Step 3: Fix and Repeat

Once you have identified a problem, take action to correct it. Most adjustments are minor, although a few may be possible with your website. If you fix this problem, wait a few weeks or months, and then reapply. Assuming you follow all the rules, you should be able to access the program and make money.

10 Reason Why Your Google AdSense Application Will Get Rejected

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad services and for good reason. They give you a huge choice of ad sizes, delivery options, reporting tools, and most importantly fast payment.

Since many individuals and companies rely on advertising on their websites as a means of generating revenue, it is common for them to apply for Google AdSense from the very beginning of their websites.

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