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Top 5 Popular Stocks to Invest with $500 Right Now

by Chakrir Khobor

Start your career as a long-term investor now. Learn about the top stocks to invest in for $500.

It’s always a good time to invest money, even if it may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never watched it before. In fact, this is easier than you think, and no matter how much you save, you can get started.

Investors have recently witnessed events that will never happen again. The S&P 500 has doubled since March 23, 2020. This is the most incredible back-and-forth Wall Street has ever seen.

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Patience is the real key to making a fortune in the market. While the broader market is constantly striving for unbeatable new levels, the value can still be found. If you buy stock in a giant company and you want to hold this position for a long time, things that seem expensive today can become a lot in two, three or five years.

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You also don’t need a bag of cash to start your journey to financial independence. If you have about $500 upfront, which is unconditional, these 5 stocks are the best to invest in right now.

Vertex Pharmacy

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The first acquisition that could enrich long-term investors is Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ specialty biotech stocks.

Vertex has lost its broad market position after two clinical treatments for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency were discontinued. But that unfortunate failure pales in comparison to the company’s real-world success treating people with cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is still incurable, but Vertex has developed four generations of treatments that improve lung function for people with cystic fibrosis.

The key point here is that Vertex’s innovation in cystic fibrosis has been very successful in protecting cash flow. The company’s newest combined drug, Trikafta (which can treat the most common changes in CF), was approved five months ahead of its estimated review date and brought in nearly $4 billion in its first year. Tricafta had total revenue of $1.25 billion for the quarter ended June, representing an annual execution rate of $5 billion.

Vertex also has about a dozen other clinical development services totaling more than $6 billion. In other words, investors get innovation, higher profits and a large stash of cash when dealing with Vertex.

Ping Identity

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It could be a win-win opportunity for investors in the cybersecurity industry. Regardless of the performance of the US and global stock markets, hackers and scammers are always ready to attack profitable companies. Cybersecurity has become a must-have service for any business that cares about their security, which is good news for Ping Identity.

As the name suggests, Ping focuses on identity verification. The cloud-based Ping Intelligent Identity platform combines with legacy security solutions to enhance enterprise cybersecurity. Based on artificial intelligence, the ping platform should get better at detecting and responding to attacks over time. In general, they are designed to bypass the basic settings of local security software and give users permanent access to critical business data.

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The main reason why Ping Identity outperforms its top competitors is that some of its customers have had the opportunity to receive the latest updates during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on promoting high-margin SaaS platforms, which have seen an average annual growth of 44% since Q1 2020, it’s only a matter of time before peak sales skyrocket.

As an often profitable cybersecurity company, Ping is posting less than eight times its estimated revenue this year.

Crisco Laboratories

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American marijuana stocks can be considered as one of the most attractive long term investments. Given that 36 states have legalized cannabis to some extent, the potential for Cresco Labs for multi-state operators (MSOs) is almost endless.

Like almost all multi-national operators, Cresco has a promising retail development. The recent acquisition of Florida Bluma Wellness Licensee (valued at $ 213 million), with organic expansion, has expanded its pharmacy to 33 units (although the company has a total of about 50 retail licenses). Cresco is expanding its retail network and targeting a limited large dollar licensing market. The latter is important here, as those that restrict retail and agricultural licensing create rules of the game where each licensed participant has the opportunity to occupy a significant market share.

Also, the most interesting thing about Cresco Labs is their bulk brunch. Cresco Labs dominated the wholesale cannabis market with revenue of $ 109 million at the end of the second quarter. It doesn’t matter if Cresco Labs doesn’t turn the company into a very lucrative business.

The main conclusion of the investors is that Cresco Labs is one of the well-positioned OSMs for the changed rules of the cannabis market. The stock is very cheap compared to other cannabis stocks. Investors should note that Cresco Labs may be one of the fastest growing stocks of the decade.

Ford Motor Company

One final measure we recommend investing as soon as possible is the Ford Motor Company. The low-end chip version, which has limited capacity for car and load manufacturers, is a great opportunity to buy a Ford at a lower price.

The biggest incentive for automakers is the electrification of cars.

In early August, shares of Ford rose after the Biden administration announced new national targets for the sale of electric vehicles. The plan sets a voluntary target for 2030 that sells about half of all-electric and light hybrid cars and trucks in the United States.

A few months ago, Ford confirmed that the company would increase its spending on electric vehicles by more than $ 30 billion by 2025. It plans to launch 30 new models of electric cars worldwide by the middle of the decade and will account for 40% of car sales. Electric vehicles. Take the vehicle. By 2030. Given the desire of developed countries to support environmental management, electric vehicles are a lucrative opportunity to replace automobiles on a commercial scale, which could significantly increase Ford’s modest growth.


As Ford’s U.S. position remains stable, China could become an opportunity for manufacturers to make more profits. China has the largest car market in the world and it is estimated that by 2035 half of car sales could use alternative energy. Based on the fact that the Chinese electric car market is growing and Ford has a favorable infrastructure to meet the demand. Manufacturing can quickly capture the share of electric vehicles.

In short, Ford Motor Company has ushered in a new decade with optimism, ensuring a complete redesign of the company to successfully compete in the age of smart cars and alternative energy. The manufacturer is investing heavily in new technologies to keep up with competitors in the autonomous and electric vehicle market. In addition, the Ford F-Series pickups are the best-selling car in the United States for 39 years. Still not sure if Ford stock is worth buying right now? Get started, leaving doubts aside.

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