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Balanced Diet is important for our health

by Chakrir Khobor

It is known that a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of obesity or obesity, as well as various cancers, heart disease and diabetes. As part of a healthy diet, experts around the world recommend that people eat a varied diet. For example, in the UK, the NHS Eat well Guide’s foods are classified as foods (starches, fruits and vegetables, whole foods or dairy, proteins and fats). To achieve a healthy diet, the guide encourages people to try certain foods from each food group.

One of the reasons food choices are included in the recommendations is that different foods have different diets. A healthy diet can have a positive effect on our health by reducing the risk of malnutrition that occurs when we do not get the right nutrition. Malnutrition can lead to muscle weakness, limited mobility, illness and respiratory problems.

But what diversity of nutritional information means can often be confusing and too simple — and differences in population can mean diversity. Studies have shown that whole diets can be measured by differences in diets (eg multiple meals or foods from different groups of vegetables). Rice on the plate and differences in dishes (eg recipes). meal of the day).

Importantly, research has shown that diversity can affect foods that differ in their properties (for example, appearance, taste, texture or taste) and ingredients. Eat what you have. In this regard, the consumption of chocolate cake and strawberry cake may differ due to their different tastes, even though their food is similar and belongs to a group of foods. This also means that single and mixed foods (such as pizzas or sandwiches) may vary.

Currently, the British diet is based on people’s choice to supplement all the different foods. But is it easy for the consumer to recognize a lot?

In a recent survey, we wondered if people in the UK know which foods are different and what they mean. To this end, participants were asked to comment on a series of images illustrating different foods in the online survey. In supermarkets, for example, they have seen rows of different foods, foods with different foods and different foods and foods with similar patterns, colors and textures, such as vegetable salads or pizzas. with various additives.

While participants often recognize and discuss different foods, they like to say that many people only eat foods from different foods as part of the whole product. These results suggest that people can survive by eating healthy and maintaining eating habits. For example, if you only want a full meal, you will think that the next meal doesn’t matter if your diet is more or less different.

It is important to consider dietary changes because research shows that people eat more when they eat and eat different foods in the same bowl, in terms of appearance, taste and texture. Every new food we come across wants to eat for a long time and then delays the feeling of satiety, which is why we do not always eat.

In other words, a change in these properties affects a process called “rational saturation”. These effects increase the risk of overeating. As a result, consumption of a variety of foods in the diet group (excluding fruits and vegetables) is associated with greater body weight. Many of these can lead to dangerous diseases that are obese or associated with obesity.

Variety and health

Because changes encourage us to eat more, changing our diet can be more cost effective when we eat fruits and vegetables. This is not only because they are lower in calories than other foods, but they also have a more nutritious diet (they contain essential vitamins and minerals) – so you can help us eat a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables. However, eating a high-calorie diet is less helpful when you are at greater risk of overeating.

For example, you can put two or more different vegetables on our plate for dinner to add to the vegetables we eat. When eating high-calorie foods, you can choose options that contain less of each other, such as sweets instead of sweets.

In order for nutrition information to be effective, we need to further define what the change means and be able to control the differences in our diet. While eating from different food groups helps to achieve different nutritional values, we also need to consider the effects of changes in the food we eat during meals. To be successful, you need to promote many foods in certain food categories, such as fruits and vegetables, but not in others.

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